It’s Not About Power, Silly, It’s About Power

I came across an article today that tries to refute the idea that videogames are about power fantasies. Here’s a quote: Perhaps games aren’t really about power, they’re actually more about agency – the idea that we can have any sort of influence and control over what happens to us, and the world around us. […]

Finding New Narratives for Multiplayer

A lot of people say that mechanics and narrative don’t mix. When I watch deathmatch games these days, however, what I see are mechanics without context. I got that feeling watching this alpha gameplay of Descent Underground, a game I backed on Kickstarter. I don’t mean to say it looks like a bad game or […]

Let the Right Game In

My game Confessional is going to appear in an exhibition at Babycastles, a space in New York billed as “a collective … dedicated to building platforms for diversity in video games culture at every level”. It’s a really cool place and I wish I had the money to fly over to NY and check it […]

Ludo Gets Angry

This is Ludo. He’s a big lug who is surprisingly sweet. He doesn’t usually understand what’s going on. He does know his games, though. After all, he’s named after them! “Ludo” means “play” in Greek or Roman or something like that, and it’s all very serious business for academics. They constantly argue as to what […]